Asphalt Division

We specialise in complex asphalt and construction work in the construction and reconstruction of roads, highways, sidewalks, parking lots, playgrounds, repairs after excavations, …

We are located in Czech Republic and Slovakia
Bridges Division

We provide transportation to the site, we carry out the complex construction of bridges, but also their reconstruction.

Earthworks Division

With our own machines and mechanization and expecially with profesionally educated and experienced co-workers, we carry out earthworks from preparation to finishing.

Railway Division

We provide highly professional work related to the modernisation and reconstruction of railway and tram lines.

The largest warehouse in Slovakia

The widgest range of fasteners. More than 40,000 items.


Fasteners according to STN, DIN, ISO, UNI, PLN, GOST standards or according to the submitted drawing documentation.

We are located in Slovakia
Solutions and Expertise

Complex solutions in the field of fasteners, professional technical advice, fast and reliable deliveries.

Rental of construction machinery and tools

When you rent mechanisation from us, you will save const for machine procurement, repairs, maintenance and storage.

Sales of tools and mechanisation

You can buy various new craft tools and accessories in out facilities. If you are interested in rented mechanisation, we provide the customer with the option of selling it at a favorable price.

We are located in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Georgia
Service and spare parts

We provide warranty and post-warranty repairs of mechanisation and tools, purchased in out company, but also others by mutual agreement.

Transport of mechanisation

In case of interest, we will ensure the transport of machines and mechanisation to and from construction by our own transport, or by contractual partners. When renting, we can provide a trailer for various loads and dimensions of machines for a tea..

Heavy compaction machines, Soil rollers and asphalt rollers

The result of the work of DYNAPAC asphalt vibratory rollers and asphalt static rollers is an evenly and efficiently compacted asphalt layer. High-performance, low-cost compaction - that’s DYNAPAC.

We are located in Slovakia and Croatia
Asphalt pavers

DYNAPAC road pavers meet the requirements of various areas of application: from the construction of motorways, urban roads as well as road maintenance and repairs.

Road cutters

The main advantages of DYNAPAC cutters are design, available accessories and simple service. And of course, performance parameters combined with low noise emissions.

Lease & Sale

We rent mobile toilets with a comprehensive service. We provide sales of new and used mobile toilets.


We provide transportation to the place, services, related to the operation of toilets, transportation after the end of the lease.

We are located in Slovakia
Mobile toilets

We deliver to places where is a greater concentration of people, e.g. festivals, constructions, …


We deliver to places where is a greater concentration of people, e.g. festivals, constructions, …

Event equipment

We ran mobile toilets with a comprehensive service.

The important and long-term role of the BESTRENT Foundation is the goal of the area of ​​social life, which lacks the financial resources to achieve a quality and stable level.

We are located in Slovakia

We want to contribute to a better education of people, preserve the cultural heritage of our country, support cultural talents and lend a helping hand to mentally and physically handicapped fellow citizens, help children from foster families and other groups of the population who need our help.

Nadácia BESTRENT aktívne podporuje tieto verejnoprospešné účely: rozvoj a ochrana duchovných a kultúrnych hodnôt, uskutočňovanie a ochrana ľudských práv alebo iných humanitárnych cieľov, ochrana a tvorba životného prostredia a ochrana prírodných hodnôt, ochrana zdravia, ochrana detí a mládeže práva, rozvoj vedy, rozvoj vzdelávania a telesná výchova.